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Measurement of emissions and imissions

ERICo is an authorized supplier of the first measurement and operational monitoring of emissions into the atmosphere from stationary sources of pollution. In this field we offer:

- advice and measurements of emissions of substances into the air,

- planning measurements of air emissions,

- preparation of reports on emissions into the atmosphere in accordance with applicable law.

Comprehensive studies on the impact of your business on the air in accordance with the applicable law are performed:

- the area of influence is determined,

- measurements of the area of influence are modelled,

- measurements are carried out,

- reports on enterprise influences in the area of influence are prepared.


Contact person: Boštjan Mikuž, B.Sc.

Telephone: +386(0)3 898-19-77 or +386(0)31 360-638



Contact person: Iztok Miklavžina

Telephone: +386(0)3 898-19-96