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CO2 storage

ERICo d.o.o. has been making research studies in the field of greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide (CO2). In the last decade we have focused our research in the possibility of CO2 capture and his permanent storage in the different geological formations particularly in coal. The examinations of CO2 capture were set mainly on theoretical basis, while we carried out three bigger in-situ experiments on sequestration of carbon dioxide (CO2).

We resulted from the two viewpoints: we can only sequestrate the CO2 into the coal seam with an intention of increasing the quantity of acquired methane. This is so called enhanced coal bed methane (ECBM) method. Otherwise we can sequestrate the CO2 isolated as a waste product in energy sector or various industrial processes into geological seams for the purpose of permanent storing. For this purpose is appropriate geological seams capable retention of CO2 with sufficiently storage capacity.

In this field we cooperate with different research organization in Slovenia and also from abroad.