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Various types of samples are sampled, prepared and analysed in the laboratory. With modern equipment and modern instrumental analytical techniques numerous organic and inorganic, biological and physical parameters are determined. For the market testing and complex laboratory services are performed:

• laboratory analysis of individual parameters,

• development, validation and optimization of complex analytical procedures, and implementation of complex development studies,

• advice is offered on the introduction of analytical methods and quality systems and laboratory information systems implementation.

Testing is conducted on a regulated accredited procedures (SIST EN ISO/IEC 17025 SA, reg.nmb. LP-018). Laboratory also fullfils the requirements of GMP (authorised by Agency for medicinal products and medical devices of the Republic of Slovenia)


Contact person: Andrej Glinšek, B.Sc.

Telephone: +386(0)3 898-19-60 or +386(0)41 839-374



Chemical and biological water analysis

Contact person: Simona Šimon, B.Sc.

Telephone: 0386(0)3 898-19-55; E-mail:

Analysis of wastewater, surface, precipitation and groundwater are performed. The presence of potentially dangerous substances in water, such as pesticides, organic pollutants (e.g. oil), fertilizers, heavy metals etc. can be determined.


Hard materials testing

Contact person: Andrej Glinšek, B.Sc.

Telephone: +386(0)3 898-19-60 or +386(0)41 839-374; E-mail:

Hard material testing i.e. analysis of soil samples (detection of contamination, determination of the nutrient content), analysis of sediment, sludge and artificial soils and geological materials, solid fuels, coal and waste are regularly carried out.


Chemical analysis of gaseous emission and imission

Contact person: Klara Orešnik, M.Sc.

Telephone: +386(0)3 898-19-64; E-mail:

Analysis of gas samples from different sources of emission and deposition are preformed. Advice on the development of analytical methods in this area and validation of analytical procedures is offered.


Development and studies in the field of pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements

Contact person: Milojka Bedek, M.Sc.

Telephone: +386(0)3 898-19-73; E-mail:

Analytical procedures to determine contents of various pharmaceutical preparations and dietary supplements have been developed, optimised and validated. The leading laboratory practice is being absolutely considered in our work. Our experts regularly apply modern analytical techniques such as various chromatographic separations, mass spectrometry, plasma techniques, atomic spectroscopy, elemental analysis and electrochemistry.