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Military activities

Several studies regarding assessment of the impact of the military activities on the environment have been performed by ERICo Velenje since 2004. These projects were financed by the Slovenian Research Agency and Ministry of Defence of the Republic Slovenia. A comprehensive study of contamination of different segments of ecosystems (air, soil, plants, animals, water resources) at the Poček training ground was made, and the impact of military activities was assessed on all military shooting ranges of the Slovenian Army (Apače, Bač, Bloška polica, Crngrob, Mačkovec, Pečovnik, Poček). Moreover, ecological remediation of shooting range at the training ground Poček was initiated as well.

Outside Slovenia, we made a very comprehensive study of the influence of the military activity on the environment/ecosystems of the military training ground Krivolak, Macedonia. There, pollution of several different parts of ecosystems was determined; radioactivity of the area was measured and presence of depleted uranium in different types of samples was determined; waste management practice was evaluated; the level of noise on the training ground as well as in its surrounding was determined; and inventarization of several plant and animal species was made. All our studies suggest that although the military activity contribute to the pollution of the environment, this activity has a benevolent impact to the environment, particularly in the sense of enabling conservation and protection of biodiversity of flora and fauna due to relative inaccessibility for humans.