ERICo - Communication between nature, society and modern technology


The following monitoring activities are carried out at ERICo:

- surface water monitoring

- rainfall water monitoring

- underground water monitoring

- monitoring of waste waters and operation of waste water treatment plants

- soil monitoring

- assessment of the excavated soil quality and artificial soil quality

- integral monitoring of waste landfills

- bioindication and biomonitoring in both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems

- measurement of air emissions and imissions


ERICo d.d. is authorised by the Slovenian Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning to carry out the following tasks:

- emission monitoring of waters,

- monitoring of underground waters,

- operational monitoring of the input of hazardous substances and fertilisers into soil,

- initial measurements and operational monitoring of atmospheric emissions from stationary sources of pollution,

- waste assessment,

- monitoring of the environment for waste products originated from TiO2 production,

- quality assessment of air,

- providing service of the environmental expert,

- monitoring of radioactivity,

- risk assessment for the nature before introduction or reintroduction of free-ranging alien plant or animal species in the nature or before breeding the alochthones animal species