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Other studies

Besides studies, which can be pooled in larger research fields, we perform many other separate research projects, connected with ecology, environmental protection, conservation of natural heritage, biology, chemistry, geography etc. In this respect, we are particularly proud on their interdisciplinarity and applicative value. Indeed, our studies are primarily focused towards solving different ecological problems and/or challenges faced by individuals, enterprises, local communities, state or society as a whole. The following activities should be particularly stressed: (i) comprehensive determination of the environmental/ecological characteristics and risk assessment in areas, burdened by different human activity (e.g. the Upper Meža Valley, the Zasavje region, military training grounds and shooting ranges); (ii) assessment of the influence of macrophytes and mussels on power plants on the Drava river; (iii) speciation of different pollutants with the assessment of their bioavailability; (iv) determination of tourist potential and carrying capacity of landscape for the tourist development; (v) other studies.