ERICo - Communication between nature, society and modern technology

Public relations

Most interventions in space, connected to building new communal, industrial, energetic and other infrastructure, provoke negative responses in public, which contradicts the novelties.

Through timely and suitable environmental communication we inform the public with the consequences that novelties might bring. Thus we offer you benefits as follows:

- analysis of the current public opinion,

- environmental vulnerability studies,

- municipal environmental programmes and local agenda,

- communication plan.


Contact person: Emil Šterbenk, Ph.D.

Telephone: +386(0)3 898 19-90 or +386(0)31 360-663



Public opinion and demographic research

For the local and wider communities demographic and socio-economic studies are prepared:

- public opinion research,

- analysis on demographic and socio-economic field,

- projections of demographic developments.


Contact person: Klemen Kotnik, B.Sc.

Telephone: +386(0)3 898-19-94