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Surface water

Monitoring the quality of standing water and running water (lakes, ponds, reservoirs, streams, rivers)


In standing waters:

- the quality status of standing water is monitored,

- physical-chemical and biological analysis of water and sediments is performed,

- nitrogen, phosphorus and other elements are measured,

- phyto and zooplankton analysis are carried out,

- estimations of the quality of standing waters are carried out.


Contact person: Rudi Ramšak, B.Sc.

Telephone: +368(0)3 898-19-83



In running waters:

- the status of surface running waters is determined,

- physical-chemical analysis of water and sediments to determine the chemical state of running water are performed,

- the investigation of biological quality elements to determine the ecological status of running waters is carried out.


Contact person:

Alenka Rošer Drev, B.Sc.

Telephone: +386(0)3 898-19-84